Skills Academy

Join OC Rain Basketball Skills Academy to train with our certified instructors and learn the fundamentals of basketball, develop your skills, build basketball IQ and have fun at the same time. Our Skills Academy is broken down into five different age groups where boys and girls participate in co-ed training sessions. Training is twice a week, Monday & Wednesday at Momentous Sports Center

Tikes 3-5 Years Old | 6 - 7 PM
Rookies 6-9 Years Old | 6 - 7 PM
Novice 10-12 Years Old | 7 - 8 PM
Advanced 12-14 Years Old | 7 - 8 PM

Athletes of all experience and skill levels are encouraged to join. 

OC Rain Progressive Skills Academy aims to improve your: 

  • Ball handling & dribbling skills

  • Proper shooting technique, lay-ups, post moves

  • Court vision, passing, precision, decision making

  • 1 on 1 defense, defensive stance, footwork

  • Boxing out and screen setting